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Unlocking the Secret to a Korean Baby Face

Unlocking the Secret to a Korean Baby Face

Have you ever wondered if you have that coveted baby face, highly admired in Korean beauty standards? Achieving this youthful look involves specific facial features and proportions. Let's explore what it takes to have a baby face in Korea:

1. The Ideal Facial Proportions

The journey to a baby face begins with your facial proportions. The golden ratio in this context is 1:1:0.8, which applies from your forehead to eyebrows, eyebrows to the tip of your nose, and from there to your chin. A slightly shorter chin is key to creating this desired ratio.

2. Baby-Like Plump Cheeks

Another crucial feature is having cheeks that are plump, reminiscent of a baby’s, yet without prominent cheekbones. This feature adds to the youthful fullness of the face without creating harsh angles.

3. Charming Under-Eye Wrinkles (Aegyosal)

Surprisingly, under-eye wrinkles, known as 애교살 (Aegyosal) in Korean, contribute significantly to the baby face look. These wrinkles, which become more pronounced when smiling, not only add depth to your eyes but also impart a playful and youthful charm. In the realm of Korean face reading, pronounced Aegyosal is believed to signify popularity with the opposite sex and a happy marital life.

4. The Perfect Lip Ratio

Your lips play a vital role as well. The ideal ratio for a youthful appearance is 1:3 vertically to horizontally. Plump lips are such a significant aspect of this look that many people in Korea opt for lip fillers to achieve this particular feature.

5. Elastic, Wrinkle-Free Skin

Last but not least, the condition of your skin is paramount. Elastic and smooth skin, free from wrinkles, is essential. No matter how well the other features fit the baby face criteria, dull and wrinkled skin can easily add years to your appearance. Products like Heebin's Marine Collagen can be a game-changer, designed to enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, helping you maintain or achieve that desirable baby face look.

In conclusion, the Korean baby face is a blend of specific proportions and features, each contributing to a youthful and charming look. From the golden facial ratio to plump cheeks and lips, each element plays a role in creating this endearing appearance. Remember, while some aspects are natural, others can be enhanced with a bit of effort and care. So, do you have the Korean baby face? Now you know exactly what to look for!

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