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Still taking collagen gummies? 🤔 (feat. best collagen pills)

Still taking collagen gummies? 🤔 (feat. best collagen pills)

Thank you Leah for kindly sharing our products with your community. Leah says, "I am starting next month off right and making Heebins Marine Collagen & Royal Hair, Brows, & Lashes part of my morning routine. I've been taking collagen gummies for awhile now but I'm really trying to cut my sugar & carbs back. This supplement has only 1 carb per dose which is way less than my previous brand. It's so easy to take and I'm excited to see the results. Just like my other Korean beauty products, this supplement goes above and beyond for quality and effectiveness. K-beauty truly is the gold standard!"

And just like Leah marked her calendar to take our pills, remember that consistency is key with supplements. Stick to the daily regimen (2 tablets for Marine Collagen and 1 tablet for Royal Hair) to see the best results for your skin, hair, and nails.

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