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"These are not just common collagen and hair vitamins," Lori says.

"These are not just common collagen and hair vitamins," Lori says.

Thank you Lori for sharing your experience with our products!

Lori says, "I’m a fan of this Ultimate Beauty Boost bundle @heebins_official. It has everything I want for my skin and hair. I use Marine Collagen daily to make my skin radiant and soft. I also take Royal Hair, Brows & Lashes to boost my hair volume and gloss, and my nail strength. I’m impressed by the Korean beauty secrets in these products. They have fish collagen that is easily digested by my body, thanks to their unique technology. They also contain natural ingredients like goji berries and black beans that nourish my hair from the inside. These are not just common collagen and hair vitamins, they are extraordinary. I like how easy and handy it is to take these supplements. I only need a few tablets a day to get all the benefits of collagen peptides, collagen boosters, biotin, and other hair vitamins. They suit my hectic lifestyle as a woman on the move. I also enjoy how safe, clean, and portable they are. The blister packaging keeps each tablet intact and fresh. I can conveniently carry them with me wherever I go, whether it’s traveling or running around the house doing errands like a crazy woman, lol. I never have to stress about skipping a dose of my beauty supplements."

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