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Our Trusted Advisors

  • Doctor Wonsuk Chung

    Dr. Wonsuk Chung

    is a renowned gastroenterologist and internal medicine specialist. He graduated from Korea University College of Medicine and further specialized in gastroenterology there. Dr. Chung has held leadership roles at Vision Hospital and Joint Hill Hospital, and currently serves as the Chief of Internal Medicine at Cheokbarun Hospital. He’s also an external professor at Korea University.

  • Doctor Wooyoung Kim

    Dr. Wooyoung Kim

    is a distinguished hepatobiliary and laparoscopic surgeon. After graduating from Chonnam National University College of Medicine and earning a PhD degree at Jeonbuk National University, he served as the Chief Surgeon at the Armed Forces Beikje Hospital. Presently, he leads the surgery and hepatobiliary divisions at Presbyterian Medical Center.

  • Pharmacist Sunny Chun

    Ms. Sunny Chun

    is a seasoned pharmacist with over four decades of dedicated experience in the field. She embarked on her distinguished career with pivotal roles at Presbyterian Medical Center followed by Gunsan Medical Center. Her extensive tenure, coupled with her commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical care, has solidified her as a trusted expert in the industry.

Message From Our CEO

Morgan Kim

"As a former lawyer, I understand the essence of time and the demands of a busy life. At Heebin’s, we craft beauty supplements that align with the pace of modern lifestyles, offering efficient and effective solutions for today’s individual."

CEO Morgan Kim
CEO Morgan Kim

Message From Our Director

Audrey Jeon

"Born in Korea and raised in the USA, my dual heritage deeply influences Heebin’s vision. Drawing from both cultures, we at Heebin’s merge Eastern holistic ingredients with Western innovation in our beauty supplements."

Director Audrey Jeon
Director Audrey Jeon